Why LinkedIn is the best platform for professional networking

Are you a communications or public relations (PR) professional who’s skeptical about spending time on building your network and posting on LinkedIn? This blog post will share why it’s a critical part of elevating your career.

You might be saying to yourself, “Aren’t other social networking sites more popular? Why is there such a focus on LinkedIn for work?” I tend agree with you – other networks are generally more popular, and fun, than LinkedIn. Anecdotally, I know many others in the communications and PR field who are super active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, just as examples.

But, there’s a focus on LinkedIn as the primary platform for professional networking for a reason. Let me explain.

Although the more “social” social networking sites, like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter, are helpful for networking too, if you’re looking to build your professional network and get to know new people in your field, knowing their current role, contacts in common and career history is helpful. LinkedIn puts this information at your fingertips. This information is particularly clutch if a person is a “cold” contact, as in, you don’t have an existing relationship with them.

And, if you’re like me, information and posts that are shared on LinkedIn are typically more professional. Photos of nights out, family and memes have never made it to my LinkedIn feed. This allows my professional network to see my more considered and polished side.

Therefore, in my opinion, it’s the most efficient and effective primary platform for building and maintaining your professional network.

Once you find, and hopefully connect, with someone on Linkedin, it’s up to you if you prefer to then continue to engage with them on another social media channel. If you’re more comfortable elsewhere, I invite you to transfer a dialogue, tagging or sharing on another platform once you initially do research, connect and establish a relationship on LinkedIn.

However, if you venture off of LinkedIn, please keep in mind that professional contacts might not respond favourably to your personal or social content on other platforms. If you tend to share things that are NSFW on other social media channels, just simplify things and keep your professional relationships on LinkedIn.

Do you agree that LinkedIn is the best fit for networking? Share in the comments.

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