3 ideas for impactful digital thank-you messages

Now that many hiring managers and other communications and public relations (PR) professionals are working remotely, if you hold a job interview or informational interview with one of them, sending a thank-you card to someone’s office afterwards might not be possible. In this blog post, learn three impactful ways to send a digital message or token of thanks in lieu of a physical thank-you card.

Although you might think that sending a physical thank-you card sounds old-fashioned, it could help you stand out to someone who’s just taken the time to conduct a job interview or informational interview with you. Having the cards, envelopes and stamps handy makes it easy to send them to someone’s business address right after a meeting. (Learn more about best practices for sending thank-you cards in one of my recent blog posts, available here).

Why is it so great to send a physical thank-you card? It’s rarely done, so it will allow you to stand out to the recipient. It demonstrates that you’re contentious and professional.

However, it’s not always possible or professional to send a thank-you card to someone’s home address if they’re now working from home. Sending a message of thanks digitally is a good alternative, but I’d recommend going beyond a simple email or text message to really make a mark.

Here are three ways to send a digital thank-you that stands out.

3 digital thank-you ideas that make a splash

Communications and PR pros should consider one of these three digital ways to express thanks after every job interview or informational interview.

Idea 1: Email a digital thank you card

A digital thank you card takes your message a step further than a simple email. Check out both free and paid thank you ecard options from sources like punchbowl.com, paperlesspost.com or greetingsisland.com.

Perks of these ecards are that the designs are already created for you, and the messages are often already drafted too.

Idea 2: Create your own digital card

Design your own digital thank-you card on Canva.com. You can choose the colours, style, font and stock images. Once you’re done, simply email the card to say thanks.

Why would this option be a good fit? You can select colours that are similar to the branding of the company you’re interviewing with, insert a professional photo of yourself to make it more memorable, and populate the inside of the card with a tailored message that mentions something discussed in the meeting.

Idea 3: Send a (small) digital gift card

This idea is particularly good if you’ve met with someone for an informational interview. In the pre-COVID days, a coffee shop would have been a typical setting for an informational interview. It would be both courteous and professional to pay for the interview subject’s coffee.

With a digital informational interview via Zoom or FaceTime, there wouldn’t be an opportunity to buy a coffee. However, sending a small gift card ($3 to $5) either before or after the interview would be a nice token of thanks for the person’s time, as well as the information and perspective they share.

Check out the special “thank you” digital gift cards offered by Starbucks, or send a digital gift card from a local coffee shop in your city. Be sure to customize the message before pressing “send.”

Which of these three ideas would you use the most? Share your favourite in the comments.

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