Vimeo launches new hiring tool for creatives

Videos are an essential component in the digital storytelling toolbox. Communications professionals use videos on websites, in social media, and even for in-person viewings to communicate key messages, bring brands to life and drive a call-to-action. Although a self-produced, organic-style video shot on a smartphone is a good fit for some purposes, a polished and high-quality video is generally a better choice for many purposes. However, these videos require specialized skills and tools to create.

Now, if only there was a match-making service that could bring together people who need to create videos with the people have the abilities required to make them. Hmm…

A new platform presents a solution. Video-sharing hub Vimeo has created a new service to help facilitate introductions between creatives and the folks who need their services. This tool is for both job posters and job seekers.

If you’re a video production whiz, check out Vimeo’s list of job opportunities here.

Looking for a pro to help you create an awesome video? Find and hire creative professionals here.

Another perk of this service? It’s commission-free.

Do you think you’d use Vimeo’s new tool? Share in the comments.

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