The top-paying jobs for grads highlight a hot sector

Graduates of post-secondary education are embarking on an exciting new phase of their lives: getting their first jobs. Bloomberg reports that the highest-paying jobs for new grads are:

Can you detect one industry that most of these jobs fall into? Yep, it’s the information-technology (IT) sector. There’s high demand for people who can code, and also access and analyze data.

In fact, demand for coders will increase 19 per cent between now and 2026, which is much higher than the average job outlook.

The grads getting these top jobs are those who saw the direction that the job market was going years ago, and started their education and training in the IT sector back then. Now, it’s clear to see that there will be opportunities in IT for years to come.

But, what if your job doesn’t traditionally fall into an IT field? Here’s what this news means for you if IT isn’t your strong suit, you don’t have the technical skills or if you’re already done your education and training.

First, it’s a great time to build or add to your technical skills. For example, coding boot camps have increased in popularity in recent years. Organizations like Canada Learning Code offer different levels of learning experiences across the country.

Also, companies in the IT sector will need employees with other skills, beyond those with technical skills. So, if you work in public relations and communications (like me), there’s an opportunity for you to play an important role in the industry. This also goes for people in other specialties like administrative assistants, accountants, operations managers, sales representatives, lawyers and senior leadership.

Public relations and communications agencies might also be expanding their offerings to IT companies, so agencies’ technology practices might be expanding, gaining more clients, and hiring too.

You can gain an advantage when it comes to getting hired in the above scenarios with an understanding and knowledge of the IT industry, competitors and technical jargon that’s used.

What do you think about the top jobs for this year’s grads? Share in the comments!

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