Eat your way to a successful career

March is Nutrition Month. It’s the perfect time to think about improving what we eat.

We know that eating a healthy, balanced diet has myriad benefits for our health. But did you know that eating better can also help fuel a successful career? Find out how your diet impacts your production and performance below.

Plate of cookies next to laptop

  • What we eat impacts our cognitive ability. Harvard Business Review reports on how foods are processed by the body at different rates, having various impacts on the supply of glucose that the body requires to fuel the brain. Foods that are high in sugar cause a spike in energy followed by a mental slump, while high-fat foods take more energy to digest, which causes grogginess. Also, an empty stomach can make it hard to focus.
  • Food choices can impact mood, happiness and creativity. A study found that eating more fruits and vegetables has a positive impact on these aspects of our lives.
  • Feeling thirsty? Water is the best choice to quench your thirst during the work day. Dehydration can impair clear thinking and decision-making abilities.

Want to learn more about eating well? Good places to start are the Dietitians of Canada’s new Unlock Food website, as well as Canada’s Food Guide.

Do you try to eat well during the work day? Share in the comments.

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