The service robots are coming

Robot servants are no longer science fiction. Robots, along with automation and artificial intelligence (AI), are now making an impact on jobs. How much of an impact? A 2018 study by RBC revealed that 50 per cent of Canadian jobs will be affected by automation in the next decade.

A recent segment on CBC’s The National painted a picture of what robots are capable of today, and how rapid advances in technology could have profound implications for the future of the labour force. It reports that robots have already gained a foothold in service-oriented industries, including food and drink service, food preparation, and receptionists in offices. Learn more in the clip below, then continue reading below the video.

If you’re like me, part of you probably felt a bit of doom and gloom after watching the segment. But that’s not really necessary. As more industries become automated, it’s anticipated that people will adapt their education, training and career path planning to accommodate the new reality. This could involve working in roles that create or support robots, or in roles that require human-to-human interaction that can’t be replicated by AI.

But, what if you think your job is at risk of being taken of by a robot? Make a list of your distinctly human transferable skills and other abilities. Research the other industries or jobs that would be a good fit for you based on this list.

Then, create a functional resume. This style of resume highlights your transferable skills and abilities, taking the focus away from your specific past jobs. It’s particularly helpful if you don’t have direct related experience to a job posting in a new industry, as it showcases the skills gained in previous industries that will help you succeed in the new one.

How do you feel about the service robot revolution? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I shamelessly admit I’m one of those people who would prefer using Ritual to pick up lunch or using mobile order at Starbucks for a coffee rather than speaking to a human. However, the robot revolution is very relevant to so many industries, how far will it go? For example, the fintech companies are making banks make huge job cuts. No one wants to go into a bank anymore, let alone call the bank! Sharpening your transferable skills is an excellent idea to stay connected to the current job trends. Great article Laine !

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